• Bibimbab

    Fried egg, mushrooms and bean sprouts, Rice topped with various cooked, Served with red chili paste, Vegetables, which should be mixed in thoroughly.

  • Haemul-Pajeon

    Pencake made with green onion, Seafood

  • Goonmandu

    Fried dumplings, made with meat and vegetables

  • Yooksoo Bulgogi (serving for 2)

    Annangol special sauce, Beef, Finely sliced tender, Marinated

  • Taeneung Dweji Galbi

    Annangol special sauce, Marinated, Sliced Prime Pork ribs marinated, Sliced tender

  • Motnanee Dweji Galbi

    Annangol spicy sauce, Marinated, Sliced Prime Pork ribs marinated, Sliced tender

  • Galbi-Jumulruk

    Specially treated sliced beef marinated

  • Sam Gyup Sal-Pork Belly

    Choice of non spicy and spicy, Cooked at the table, Pork belly, Thinly sliced

  • Chadolbaegi

    Cooked at the table, Thin slices of brisket beef

  • Yangyum Galbi

    Annangol special sauce, Beef short prime ribs marinated, Marinated


At Annangol, the signature Korean barbecue dishes don’t just get barbecued in the kitchen. The culinary team prepares some plates—like the thinly sliced pork belly—at patrons’ tables, inaugurating dinners with quick cooking shows. The kitchen whips up Korean specialties outside of barbecue dishes, too. Stone pots of bibimbap, for example, ensconce rice and a choice of veggies or succulent meat, and hotpot soups come in spicy and nonspicy incarnations, much like most pop stars.

  • Yangyum Galbi
  • Motnanee Dweji Galbi
  • Taeneung Dweji Galbi




Annangol Korean Restaurant has been serving great and delicious Korean Dishes since 2007. We always make sure we serve our customers with warm Korean hospitality in a casual environment.